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We at Wiseco are fully-equipped to supplying our customers with quality welding services.

We offer welding on all types of materials using various processes such as M.M.A, M.I.G. T.I.G. SUB-ARC and ARC AIR GOUGING. These processes are used on a wide range of materials including specialized welding of stainless steel, aluminum and all types of castings.

Our expert reclamation of customer component machining errors can save a company significant amounts of time and money.

We will fabricate weldments, structures, and pipe-work components in all types of materials to our customers' design and specification, including all machining requirements. Additional in-house capabilities include profile-burning, plasma-cutting, bending and shearing. These facilities ensure that all operations are easily and arcuately controlled.

We take pride in providing an excellent product. We operate and maintain an in-house quality assurance program. We take our Health and Safety obligations very seriously and, to this end, all of our operatives are company certified.

Wiseco's welding specialists afford you complete professional service in welding fabrication and installation. We would be only too happy to provide more information on any aspect of our products and services, so please feel free to contact us.


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